This is me, at one of the readings I do regularly around Cumbria, which I always enjoy.

West Cumbria is my home, not far south of the Scottish border, overlooking the Irish Sea. All six books I’ve published so far are set in this area.

In 2012 my first novel ‘A Good Liar’ came out, followed a year later by ‘Forgiven’ and then ‘Fallout’. These three made up the trilogy ‘Between the Mountains and the Sea’.

The trilogy is set in the first half of the twentieth century, a time of radical change in this area. Until the 1940s life here was much the same as it had been in the previous century, without benefit of electricity – which didn’t come to my village until the 1950s -, hardly any mechanised transport or farming, and before anti-biotics, so catching pneumonia could kill you. This is the world where my heroine Jessie Whelan struggled to keep her independence and her job: if she’d married she would have lost her career as a teacher, and the school house she lived in. By 1957, the end of the period covered by the trilogy, electricity was being produced from nuclear reactors, but Jessie was still struggling. It wasn’t an easy time for single women. If you want to read her story, you can get the books here, on Amazon, or through your local bookshop. If you prefer an ebook they’re all on Kindle.

In 2015 I finished and published ‘Cruel Tide’, my first crime story, which was shortlisted for Lakeland Book of the Year. The sequel ‘Fatal Reckoning’ came out at the end of November 2016.

In June 2018 my latest book, ‘Burning Secrets’ was published. Here’s the back cover. BURNiNG_SECRETS_AW.indd

All the books are easily available in Cumbria bookshops, can be ordered through any good bookshop anywhere in the world, and through Amazon. They are all on ebook too, available from the Kindle bookstore. If you go to my website you can order all the books using Paypal.

You’ll also see that ‘Cruel Tide’, ‘Fatal Reckoning’ and ‘Burning Secrets’ are published in ebook and ‘Print on Demand’ on Amazon Kindle by Fahrenheit Press, a specialist US-based digital publisher I’m working with for a while.


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  1. Bet you don’t remember me, but I remember you. I taught with Anne Percival at Levenshulme before joining the Inspection & Advisory Service under Bill Rogers (who is also writing novels.) AP talked about you lots & I think we ate a meal at hers. I left it all & Manchester in 2002 & have spent the last 12 years in Norfolk, where it doesn’t rain much. Am in Chapel Stile with my two older grandchildren who want to climb a mountain. But it’s pissing down so went to a shop where I saw your books & wondered if it was the RS I remembered. Came back, it was. I just might read em…… Good luck.

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