The dilemma of slow broadband

I’m acutely aware of just how slow my broadband is here at home in West Cumbria. Everything I could in a twinkling in Salford is taking me so much longer here. I fear it may drive me nuts, or be manageable only when I’m visiting my ‘other house’ in Ulverston, which is only a couple of days a week. At least the broadband is tolerable there and there are rumours of super-fast broadband being started there, which would be super-cool. Fingers crossed. Maybe I should bow to the circumstances for now and concentrate on my ‘real writing’ for the rest of the week. That’s no sacrifice. It’s been going well the last couple of days, so I shall press on. If you read any of this, do leave a comment if you can, just to reassure me that I’m not talking to myself. Thanks.