4 thoughts on “First post for a long time! Did anyone notice?

  1. Hi i did notice, and I’m guilty of the same level of procrastination! My main website readership seems to be in China- all sorts of problems that brings up! I just lose heart. Good luck with the launch, my next one is out on 9th December so we’ll both see how the sales go. I’ll leave you a review!

  2. At least someone noticed! I’m not sure about the blogging thing even now, but I’ll try and keep going. Good look with your new one by the way. I’m up to five now, and am determined not to push myself to another until summer 2018. I need a break!

  3. I noticed, too, dear Ruth! And I started wondering! Because I am looking forward to your new book. Good to hear about the new developments. Love from
    Hildegard in Cologne

    • Good to hear from you Hildegard. Thanks for noticing that I’d gone quiet. I got so busy I had to prioritise my time and the blog had to take second place to a lot of other stuff. Also, I was never convinced that anyone took any notice! I will try and post more regularly now that the new book is out of my hands. It goes t the printers next week and should be in the shops three weeks later.
      Best wishes

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